Daily Route

Monday, October 28, 2013

Changi airport left luggage

Thanks, Richard and Theresa for waiting for me at T2 when you arrive.When I get there,we will use the same route I recommended to Theresa to go to T1.
If you like we can drop off your luggage in the T1 left luggage facility
Here are the charges
Then we can go and "makan": look at the choices!
But I will be taking you to T3 to the Crystal Jade Shanghai restaurant. Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

changi airport T2 to T1

On exiting the customs area of Terminal 2, turn right. (Sign: "train to city")

Follow the signs to the taxi stand at the end of the terminal

As you approach the taxi stand, you will see an escalator on your right, going to the 2nd floor, next to Swensens restaurant.

Go up the escalator. When you reach the 2nd floor, turn left and then right,up a ramp, following the signs to the sky train to Terminal 1.

The sky train platform to Terminal 1 is found at the end of the corridor. DO NOT take the sky train to Terminal 3.

Enjoy the short skytrain ride!

When you reach Terminal 1, get out of the sky train and turn left.

 The Air Asia check in desk is the first one on the right of you

 (it should take 15 mins, maximum, if you move briskly!)

Monday, January 09, 2012

New and old parks

Like many others, our walking group tried out the newly-opened Labrador nature and coastal walk last sunday.

Here are some photos of trees near the beginning of the walk.

The next day I re-visited Bishan Park after a year's absence, due to renovation being done there.

Glad to see that the majestic rain forest trees have been untouched, and that the mangrove trees are thriving around the pond. A hint of Housing Develpoment Board flats are seen at the upper left of the photo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Roaming the Gardens

The Botanic Gardens remains my all-time favorite place to walk in Singapore. Today I walked from Orchard MRT, past Wheelock Place, the Hilton Hotel, Orchard Parade Hotel, Tanglin Shopping Centre, St Regis Hotel , Tanglin Mall, and Gleneagles Hospital to the front gate of the Gardens.

The curtain-like roots of an old Banyan tree greeted me as I walked in the gates, followed by a tall mangrove tree. Both are quite majestic, and my photos, taken by my Nokia E72 phone, do not do them justice.

I decided to go round the lake by the path that is nearer the main road. This led me almost into the web steps of one of the resident swans there. He or she was having an auto-neck-rub, and I had to wait a while before its neck came up to it's usual height.

Here is the artificial waterfall that fascinates tourists.
Equally artificial was Chopin at his piano overlooking the Shaw Foundation stage where Sunday concerts are held.

Near the former entrance to the Gardens, where so many years ago, mum and dad used to park the car and we kids pranced up the driveway, I found another curtain of ivy roots . A banana flower peeking out between large leaves, and a back-lit shady palm tree brought be alongside the quiet Saraca stream and back to my starting point. A cool apple juice made for a satisfying end to an invigorating walk

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

10,000 steps around Marina Bay

My 10,000 steps had been sorely missing since I came back from italy. Last week I had another stay at The Sentosa and had an envigorating walk. This week I was back on the beach again and tried the food at the new Tanjung Beach Club. The bruschetta was puny but the fruit bowl was gigantic...great for the cholesterol test this morning!

After the cholesterol test, I took a train to City Hall station and then had a good workout walking to the Helix bridge, and then circling all round Marina Bay, with views stretching from Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay to the Sail, a ritzy apartment block in downtown Shenton Way.

In between, the skyline of the historic district including the dome of the Supreme Court and Victoria Memorial Hall's clock was barely discerned above the trees.

On the other hand, the Maybank, Bank of China,HSBC and Straits Trading buildings dwarfed Clifford Pier, the 3 buildings of the Fullerton Hotel Group, and the Old Customs House.

Awesome as it was, I still thought of the time I stood at the end of Clifford Pier, breezes in my hair, and breathed the sea air coming from the far horizon beyond the mole.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The new sentosa

It's back to my weekly playground, but it has been invaded since Feb 14th this year! It will never be quiet again, for the new "IR" (euphemism for CASINO) operates 24 hours. Thankfully, it is built right at the entrance to the island, so neophytes will not venture( I hope!) further if all they do is follow their noses to the "den".

My favorite hotel has closed for a year to renovate, but my preferred restaurant - Barnacles - is still operating. Chefs Joanne and Samson should have a faithful enough following to sustain the business. Tonight I am trying out "The Sentosa Resort and Spa". The deluxe room is compact and warmly furnished. Ouside the window I see a few of the taller buildings of the Business district above the lush grove of coconut and rain trees.
I set out early to fulfill my "10,000 steps" today, but got distracted by views here and there on my bus trip here, and after 10 hrs, still need another 700 steps! I was trying out my new camera, the replacement of the one stolen in Hanoi.

I stopped for breakfast at Novena Square, a shopping mall that I frequented when I lived in the Newton area. I had orange and carrot juice from the fruit stall and then, after snapping away, was told by the duty manager not to take photos. Nevertheless, I got a shot of the foodcourt signboard- Kopitiam - which is a chain of foodcourts in Singapore. Lots of Singaporeans call food courts and hawker centres their "dining room". Many Singaporeans do not cook, so you can find them here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Finally, at 10am, I found myself at the monorail station for Sentosa. I got off at the waterfront station, following the hordes going to Universal Studios or the Casino. I wandered undered the covered walkways which provide good shade from the tropical sun. I particularly like this shade on "Festive Walk".

Onward I went, past the gigantic Merlion, and along the Gaudi-like fountain, which flowed down towards the Beach Station. From there, I walked to Palawan Beach, picking up another apple juice on the way.
Passing the lonely sentinels of Palawan Beach( fortifications from the British effort to protect Singapore from the Japanese invasion), I was fascinated by a rustic suspension bridge and the variety of vessels plying the waters beyond the protected lagoon: kayaks, motor launches, ferries to Indonesia, and the ubiquitous container ships. Just a few strides later, I found myself at the foot of the steps that led up to the swimming pool of The Sentosa.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

sentosa views

Stayed overnight at the Rasa Sentosa 2 weeks ago. Had a delightful seaview room and

tried out the new Barnacles restaurant by the beach.

Watched Star Cruise's Virgo come into port and

took a shot of the swimming lagoon in front of the hotel under the lowering skies. A vigourous walk on the beach brought the relaxing stay to a close.