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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

morning at the reservoir

Took a "reverse direction" walk at MacRitchie Reservoir last Sunday. I first went on the track that leads to the treetop walk. Have not done this before, and it remains one of my goals for this park. Need to do it with a friend, as the track is a bit isolated.

It took me only about 15 mins to get to the start of the Tupai trail boardwalk. It was quite a hot and humid morning and soon I ran into my favorite "litter plant". This is about one of the 2 plants I can remember very well from my "rainforest guide" training. That's because it is so clever at catching dead leaves which it uses to feed itself! Later on the walk there were lots of lianas to photograph. Here are a pair that are loopy:

Later there were some creepers that made a lovely "black-and -white" composition and finally there was a clearing in the canopy that allowed filtered light onto the boardwalk.


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