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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

changi airport T2 to T1

On exiting the customs area of Terminal 2, turn right. (Sign: "train to city")

Follow the signs to the taxi stand at the end of the terminal

As you approach the taxi stand, you will see an escalator on your right, going to the 2nd floor, next to Swensens restaurant.

Go up the escalator. When you reach the 2nd floor, turn left and then right,up a ramp, following the signs to the sky train to Terminal 1.

The sky train platform to Terminal 1 is found at the end of the corridor. DO NOT take the sky train to Terminal 3.

Enjoy the short skytrain ride!

When you reach Terminal 1, get out of the sky train and turn left.

 The Air Asia check in desk is the first one on the right of you

 (it should take 15 mins, maximum, if you move briskly!)


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